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Tampa GMRS repeater

We’ve repurposed an older commercial repeater into a GMRS repeater on 462.575 at our Tampa Site.  This is proving to have great coverage in the Tampa Bay area and already has had a bit of activity.

Output: 462.5750 MHz CTCSS/PL 141.3
Input: 467.5750 MHz CTCSS/PL: 141.3
Alt Input: 467.7250 MHz DCS: 546: Use this!
P25 NAC 575 Tx and Rx

This repeater support P25 phase one as well, which is unique in the Tampa Bay region.  We encourage everyone to use PL on their receiver and listen before transmit.  If your radio supports it, please program the alternative input of 467.7250 MHz and D546. There is intermittent interference from ships in the port of Tampa 1/2 mile away.  This will not key the repeater, but it’s plenty to prevent the receiver from hearing other users.

The coverage below shows the 39 dBu signal level for 50% of the time at 50% of locations 6′ off the ground.  This is roughly the expected mobile range of the system for a good voice quality.  Into a typical 1/4 wave receiver antenna, you should expect a -95 dBm signal in the blue areas.

Tampa 575 GMRS Repeater

Tampa 575 GMRS Repeater coverage area