FSG operates several repeaters in the Tampa Bay Area:

  • 224.280, -1.6 MHz with a 146.2 Hz PL Tone, Allstar Node 40821
  • 443.525, +5 MHz with a 146.2 Hz PL Tone, Allstar Node 41618
    or P25 Phase 1, NAC of 293
  • 927.050, -25 MHz, 546 DCS and HearClear, Allstar Node 42032
    or P25 Phase 1, NAC of 293
    927 MHz is normally linked to the Allstar link 900 MHz hub
  • 443.425, +5MHz D-STAR with backup analog mode using 141.3 Hz PL

We are approximately 500′ up in central downtown Tampa.  Solid handheld coverage is found out to about 15 miles, with 20-25 miles being quite possible.  A mobile can expect coverage  north to Springhill, south to Sarasota, and East to Winterhaven/Lakeland.

All repeaters are open for any licensed amateur to use, with the customary priority to emergency traffic.  Long contacts, ragchews, and round-tables are encouraged.

Our Flagship repeater is 224.280 -1.6MHz and 146.2 PL tone with a projected base coverage of below:

70% coverage of 224.280

50% coverage probability of 224.280

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