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UHF Test repeater is online!

444.575 is now online from high up in downtown Tampa!  It requires a PL of 146.2 Hz.  P25 is supported with a NAC of 293.

Thanks to the hard work of our members we were able to bring this online over the weekend.  It is a “Proof-of-Concept” repeater designed to cover downtown Tampa and the central business district buildings.  This necessitated a lower gain antenna for solid coverage below the site and in the surrounding ground level.

The repeater consists of the following:

  • 25W Motorola Quantar
  • DB-404 Antenna
  • Mobile notch duplexer
  • DB-404 antenna
  • 3/8″ feedline (2.3 dB loss)

We plan to change out the feedline to a higher quality Heliax cable which should improve the receiver.

Below is a projected coverage area of the repeater to a HT at 5W.  We’ve had good mobile reports much further than this shows.  Please try it out and report back on our mailing list.

Test repeater 25W DB-404 2.3db feedline loss to 5W HT unity gain coverage
Projected HT coverage into the repeater


Below are some pictures of the repeater site after we got done.

Byron K4SIP and DB-404 antenna

Byron K4SIP and DB-404 antenna

DB-404 on Roof Looking down to the Port Quantar installed in rack Quantar online Sunset over Tampa Sunset to I4 Telewave 220 Antenna