Repeaters are online!

We now have the 220, 440 and 900 MHz repeaters online from high up in downtown Tampa.

The 444.575 test repeater has been removed.

224.280 -1.6 MHz and a 146.2 PL tone
This has been tested out to about a 50 mile radius from a 25W mobile.  HT coverage is solid out to 15 miles and we have numerious reports of people running .3 to 1 watt HT’s from this distance.

443.525 +5 MHz and 146.2 PL and P25 NAC of 293

927.050 -25 MHz with DCS 546 and P25 NAC of 293.
900 MHz is narrowband FM, and we are investigating turning on “hearclear” companding.

All transmit PL and will respond to reverse burst if your radio is so equipped.

As of now none are linked as we are working on internet access at the site.
All these are open access, you don’t need to be a member of FSG to use them.